Schools Alive 2019

This year the band took part in Blackpool’s Schools Alive at the Grand Theatre.
We just got our copy of their DVD and here is a little bit of our performance.

(The intros a bit loud… I’d check your volume isn’t at max.)


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Y4 iMovie School ‘Adverts’

This past term Year4 have been using iMovie to film St.Kentigern’s promotional videos showing the different things we get up to at school. You can have a look at an example of one (actually its a mix of a few) below.

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Ofsted Report April 2018

Below are the results of the latest Ofsted Section 8 report, which we have just received following our recent inspection on the 11th April.

We are very proud of the feedback from the inspection, in particular in confirming that:
‘St Kentigern’s continues to be good’.

All parents will have been sent a letter from the Headteacher and Chair of Governors confirming this, the text is below as well as links to the printed version of this page (the parent letter) and a link to our Ofsted Report.

Letter to Parents
Ofsted Report

Letter to Parents

This short inspection is designed to ensure that standards in the school have not in any way fallen since the last inspection in October 2014, and also seeks to identify further strengths. This inspection process is not designed to change the grading unless of course there were significant concerns.

On the day of the inspection, the inspector, HMI Elizabeth Stevens, worked alongside the leadership team for the whole day in evaluating current practice in the school.

We agreed three lines of enquiry:
How well children achieve in Reception – from their starting points children make good progress through the early years and they are well prepared for Year 1. Staff work well with nurseries and involve parents in their children’s learning;
How well pupils learn phonics – as a result of the actions taken, pupils’ attainment phonics has risen and pupils read with fluency and enjoyment;
Whether pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum – Through the rich curriculum at St Kentigern’s, including all the trips, visitors, music and sport, pupils develop their confidence and their skills across different subject areas.

In addition, the inspector interviewed children, listened to children read and spoke to governors, staff, the local authority and the diocese.
Ofsted also collated evidence from parents who completed the questionnaire.

We are very proud of the feedback from the inspection, in particular in confirming that:
‘St Kentigern’s continues to be good, it is a very welcoming and inclusive school with strong Christian values’;
‘Pupils care for others and follow the school’s motto to ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’, they behave well and contribute to society through work with charities and taking part in community and parish events’;
‘The governing body is ambitious to achieve the best for each and every pupil and have an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement’;
‘We have an enthusiastic staff team who are determined to let every pupil shine. Through a wide range of well-planned cultural experiences pupils’ confidence and skills are developed’
‘Pupils appreciate the many leadership roles available to them and they enjoy being involved in school decisions’;
‘Since the last inspection the quality of teaching has improved, across most subject areas, pupils make good progress. This is because teachers plan engaging and interesting lessons, which challenge pupils and match their learning needs;
‘Safeguarding arrangements are thorough, fit for purpose and of high quality. School is a safe and secure place in which children can learn, staff work closely with parents and other professionals to make sure that pupils are safe.’

We discussed with the inspector our current school improvement priority, which is writing and the impact of recent actions could be seen, it was agreed that the improvements need embedding to raise standards in every class.

Finally, the report is further recognition of the hard work and dedication from all the staff and governors in school, who strive to provide the best education for each and every pupil. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for all that they do in school and beyond the school day.

Yours sincerely
F. M. Wygladala M. Leyland
Headteacher Chair of Governors

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P.E collaborative learning afternoon

On Friday 26th January KS2 took part in a collaborative learning afternoon.

This involved children in Upper Key Stage 2 coaching Lower Key Stage 2 children through a skills circuit. Everyone had lots of fun during the afternoon and we saw some excellent leadership skills from the older children and some super exercise from the younger children! A Y4 child said “I really enjoyed the circuits session. I liked having the year 5’s to help us and give us tips.”

[No videos found]

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KS2 Christmas Play

Last Thursday was our KS2 Christmas Play, this year titled ‘Silent Night’. Thankyou to everyone who came and supposed our children and well done to all the children involved.

As usual when we have a production, the photos here are full-size in case someone couldn't attend the event so please be careful looking at them on a limited data connection.
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Y3 & Y4 Basketball Festival

On Wednesday Y3 and Y4 took part in Blackpool’s Basketball Festival.
The first half of the afternoon children participated in a circuit in which they learnt a range of different skills such as: shooting, passing, dribbling and ball handling. 
The 2nd half of the afternoon children competed in a tournament against other schools. 
The coaches at Blackpool Sixth Form chose a MVP for each team.
There was also a special prize chosen from all the schools for someone who showed the most enjoyment throughout the afternoon and always had a smile on their face, the ‘Sunshine Award’ which we also managed to win! Well done on a fantastic achievement.
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World Poetry Day 2017

National poetry Day – St Kentigern’s Poetry recital Assembly

28th September 2017

As National Poetry Day celebrates its 23rd year, we decided to share some poems in assembly.

National Poetry Day is an annual celebration that inspires people throughout the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems. This year poetry campaigners are celebrating the theme of ‘freedom’ with events, workshops, and readings across the UK.

At St Kentigern’s  to celebrate world poetry day Mrs Jones and Mrs Harris ran a whole school assembly where pupils recited different poems. Each year group took part and gave a recital of different works including classics such as Shakespeare and Wordsworth to more contemporary poems about roller coasters.

Here are some clips of the poems read today in assembly.

Please continue to read poems in ERIC (everyone reading in Class) time. Can you learn your favourite poem off by heart?

For more information about world poetry day and more poems about ‘Freedom’



Y5 also performed their poems in class using our greenscreen.









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Y4 Internet Saftey

Internet Safety Day was last month and Year4 were talking about staying safe on the internet. During ICT that month we were talking about the S.M.A.R.T. rules and Year4 made (and ‘did’) presentations for other classes.

Two of our girls did their presentation to the camera too and it can be seen below.

Direct Link if the video doesn’t appear

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KS2 Christmas Carol Concert

Last night was the Juniors’ Christmas ‘production’. This year it was their turn to sing, so last night was their Carol Concert. Thank you to all the parents and family who turned up to support our children.


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Youth Games Week 2016

This week was Blackpool’s Youth Games week, where schools in Blackpool take part in various activities in and around Stanley Park.

The years were slightly mixed-up with teams coming from yeargroups next to each other, such as Y5&Y6 doing hockey together. There was the usual athletics in the stadium, various footballs on the astroturf -and hockey there too, bike skillz on the track and a (running) ‘Road Race’ that several of our classes took part in.

Thank you to our parents who came to support our Road-Race participants (and thankyou to Y4’s parents for some extra photos from ClassDojo).


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