This week the year ones who came to the lunchtime club were learning all about being bright and seen in the dark.


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Blackpool Rocks week 2

More parent and child learning fun!

Tuesday was our second week on the Blackpool Rocks family learning scheme. Once again the children were supported by parents, who was having more fun I wonder?

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Friendship club


Our anti-bullying ambassadors have taken on a dual role and are working towards becoming peer mediators. this means that they will be able to support some children in making and keeping friends and helping children to sort out small squabbles.

One of the ways they have chosen to do this is by holding a lunchtime friendship/games club, lots of fun being had all around!

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Road Safety


Junior road Safety Officers (just in case you were wondering)

These children will be working hard to make sure your children are road safety aware. Lunchtime clubs on Mondays, for infants and competitions and quizzes for the juniors. 

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Family Fun time


Some of our year 1 and 2 children and their parents have been enjoying some taster sessions about how their children learn. So far so good!

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Change4Life Burgers

Last night in Change4Life ‘club’ Mrs.Barron and the childrenĀ learned how to make burgers from scratch with mince, onions and some breadcrumbs.

Since we knew exactly what went into them we can be sure that non of the ingredients were unhealthy. They were also topped with salad to be super healthy!

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Mary’s Shell on Cleveleys beach

On Thursday 17th November, year 3 enrichment group and their mums went to Clevelys Beach to see Mary’s shell. It was very wet and windy and we soon got rained off the beach and weren’t able to fly our kite! We did enjoy a hot chocolate in the Vue cinema though and came back to school armed with drift wood and pebbles to draw. We will be reading the story about The Sea Swallows and the mythical village of Singleton Thorpe. Hopefully we will get to see the rest of the sculptures along the coast.



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Young Voices 2016

This Wednesday, along with other schools in the north-west, our Choir made their way to the M.E.N. arena to take part in YoungVoices2016.

We didn’t get to sing at the front but we did all sing along with the 1000s of other primary school children in the arena.

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Change for Life ‘Club’

Every Thursday, after school, Mrs.Barron takes her change for life club for 30min after-school. This week they made ‘turkey-wrap-burgers’. They made a burger with turkey and (after cooking) topped it with salad and ate it from a wholemeal wrap.

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Walk to School Friday

Last Friday we had a ‘Walk to School Day’ where we encouraged people who don’t usually walk to school to come and join us in walking at least a little bit. As well as being healthier than driving to school they also got to meet ‘Strider’ (the big-foot) and join him in walking the last few blocks to school.

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