E-safety Guides for Parents


This page has some e-safety guides aimed at parents about various different services available around the internet. Along with our in-school practices associated with the services mentioned.

Along with the mentioned items, school’s internet connection is filtered by Blackpool Council to remove many of the most offensive websites, though common sense is applied too in most cases along with the children applying the rules and ideas discussed in our e-safety lessons that happen in our ICT lessons. Schools internet connection also forces ‘safe-search’ mode in Google/Bing searches, with no option to turn it off.


March 2019



Blackpool Awaken Scheme – April’18

Blackpool Council’s Awaken Scheme has sent out a letter reminding parents to check-on their children’s online activity.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been popular since it was opened up to UK players, below is the NSPCC’s guide to the game.
Regardless of how you feel about the game make sure there is a password to enable purchases, especially if there is a credit-card associated with the iTunes/Google account.



Parent information

School generally allows YouTube in for teacher use, but the children are not allowed to use it independently. Either through direct supervision, or through site-blocking on devices that are harder to monitor like our iPads.

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / ooVoo* / WhatsApp

Facebook / Instagram parent information

ooVoo / WhatsApp parent information

All social media apps aren’t installed on any of the school’s devices and the web-interfaces are barred (or broken) by our main-internet connection, things such as Google’s Hangouts and Apple’s iMessage don’t work via the schools internet either.

Mobile Security

Mobile Devices parent information

Mobile devices are barred by school, certain pupils who walk to/from school are allowed to have one for safety but they must be left with Mrs.Sobrino in the office during the day.


Minecraft parent information

We occasionally play Minecraft in school, usually single-player in KidsClub, and when we do play multiplayer it’s on our own server in school, not over the internet.