Anti-Bullying ambassadors

In school, we have 5 Anti-Bullying ambassadors. Our ambassadors meet with the Learning Mentor and DSL at least every 4 weeks, to feedback the challenges faced by the children at social times such as break and Lunchtime.

The Anti-Bullying ambassadors have joined staff to write a child friendly policy. This is available both on the school website and in every classroom in school. The Anti-Bullying ambassadors also have their photo on display in every classroom and staff room, so that everyone can recognise them.

The Anti-Bullying ambassadors are a vital children’s voice within our school community and staff in school are committed to listening to the children’s views.

Both Mrs Murray and Miss Spinks have completed Young Peoples Mental Health First Aid training. They are both able to support your child’s mental health throughout bullying incidents and provide support after if needed.


 Recognise the different types of bullying

What can I do if I think I am being bullied?

What if I think my child is being bullied?

I have been told my child is involved in a bullying incident. How can I help my child?