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Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you can see what Year 5 have been up to with Mr Willis.

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Our Class Blog

14th March

We visited Blackpool Zoo to learn about the life cycles of different species and observe a range of different creatures.

10th March

As part of our Art and History work we have created papier-mâché Egyptian masks.

9th March

Year 5 were wonderful last night at the Grand Theatre. They took part in a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.


29th January

We were visited by Juliet Desailly. She shared with us tips on how to write a book and signed some copies of her latest story 'Ammit's Revenge'.

13th January

As part of our Design Technology work, we planned to make biscuits as a generous act for all the children in school. We made over 200 biscuits based around the theme of our patron, St. Kentigern. We shared these on his feast day with everyone in school.

8th January

To begin our new topic of 'Ancient Egyptian Justice', which links to our termly gospel values of Truth and Justice, we had a visitor who brought a number of artefacts. Our activities helped us to have a better historical understanding of Ancient Egyptian life.

19th December

As part of our Design Technology work, we looked at making something out of an old bottle. This links to our topic and how we can reuse and recycle. These made some wonderful gifts for Christmas as well as linking our work in class about caring for the earth God created for us. Lots of different designs ended up being produced; here are just a few.

25th November

Here is the video made by Year 5 pupils. It shows different coping strategies that could be useful when times are tough and resilience is needed.

22nd November 2019 

We taught the school how we have learned to 'Bounce Forward' and show resilience.

11th November 2019

We were visited by Wobble the hedgehog to learn about how this adorable creature may not be around in the future unless we take steps now. This helps begin our 'Time Travellers' topic, which lets us think about God's world and how it needs to be protected. It links to this terms question: how can we serve God and others? And let's us think about how our action should show purity and holiness.

7th November 2019

As part of our multi-faith week, Year 5 visited a synagogue to learn about similarities and differences between the Catholic and Jewish faiths.

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